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by Fryday

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Project FRYDAY (Available for booking worldwide!).
A self released 9 tracker to be pulished as a product of music and not selling tv shows and so...
i hope you will enjoy listening to it
who knows... you'd might buy it one day too.


released June 20, 2012

Guitars/Vocals : Shy polka
Drums : Gal petel
Bass : Omri shani

Produced by Shay polka
Recorded and mixed by Yonatan kossov @bardo inc.



all rights reserved


Fryday Israel
Booking contact info :
If you are a label or a record company related plaese contact us!! FRYDAY project was formed in january 2011 and since then has been producing a full album, changed a few members and are preforming their debut album with live shows .
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Track Name: Believe
Come in
And you'll see what you might have missed
A handy man on a spiral trend of insecure disease
Clearly you're a mess…
On every move he takes that kid is possessed
With illusions of himself, saving the sufferers
From the suffering while he is himself a broken piece of this whole thing

Believe me I could not pretend, you see
Sometimes I rise I understand your silly lies

(they put you in position where you feel your own war on your own part and you realize the fact that if ignore it, doesn't mean its not alive)

I understand I do what is it you're going through
When you can't control the things you say or that you do and i'm falling down im to your ocean a denial and an excuse for the hollowed things you've done

They live in me I could not pretend, you see
Sometime I rise I understand your silly lines
Run... you had to... you wanted to
I could not agree with paths of cheating
Now you're so wrong you're owned worn
I wish I could lift you up as I see you drown
Track Name: Insane routine
One time I had a girl friend who wanted to save me up for her secrets, divined with her thoughts of that fire due to herself with the person that I am, one night I saw her eyes say, I didn't bother to think at all and I let her stay two weeks… floating by as we grew up to the point of no turning back. If only we found the place to live in what if we have here, run forward indiscrete you're past, you only live as you last. Don’t look away you have to stay you have to pray because every day as I wake up it’s the same frustrates on this insane routine that calls again. Now I'm forward in my days I have to face reality but when I'm swallowed in this phase miss placed if you want to be near me you have to be brave, it's in the air, you're digging my grave it's in the air, if you want to be saved be brave
Track Name: Unbreathing
fating .... on with time while we rate in tastes of wine
wake up to reality that has made you up frail and uncomposed
but i try to hold on with it

kneeling , unbreathing
relief my self till the end of the day

falling harder finding water
i dug out fields out for you
the sings out further not to better
i dug out years all for you
sacrifice your soul to my rain

kneeling , unbreathing
relief my self till the end of the day

falling harder mining water
i dug out fields out for you
the sings out further might be better
i dug out years but for whom
I sacrificed my soul to your rain

Find out the me in you
Track Name: Same sea
The time has come to stop this silly nest controversy, we are all individuals swim in the same sea, try to look above the flood of all the things that you don’t need, and don’t get swept away by the needs of those who rule society. When I try to solve my own oppositions I'm amazed with all the thoughts that goes running thru my head but a total destruction equals the best harmony's, everything just happens like it could never be. Your source ain't right cause it leads you whether no code is right, and then you always fight, or trying to recreate everything that’s done. All that you known and all you considered as needed to, our free lives not obviously to me and now I see that I'm afraid I might have been free.
Track Name: Overhead
I wonder if you're out there seeing what is wrong
And if I fail to pass a message around …
Will you give me a call? .
Wake me up, feed me, teach me how to live...

You better buckle up cause we're on the
Run of our life's
I wish you the best that you could have when you're Out there I miss you no lies

The need to know about anything
Is what its worth
And when I try to hold my head over water
Im bleeding it all

You better buckle up cause we're on the
Run of our life's
Wish you the best that you could have when you're Out there I miss you no lies

Take it back to the cell where we belonged in the First place
I can wait to see it again
I just hang my wind overhead
Track Name: Get through you
Took off to find a new will...
your laughter calls and I breath it in...
I in two sides could not live...
enough to fall endlessly.
Dear we've come up in to many ways to find that there's a reason for anything to be, you'd say what you want to say... you pray to nobody else but your god.
The water is to drink as I need to fit to your emancipation, your choice is now to be right about anywhere with me to see...
You are so sacred and yet a sinful o' bettor, than so faceless… and it makes me want to get through you, I'll say what you want me to say I'll pray to nobody else but your god…
Now I seat and play with myself, I find my heel, follow her to… Feed myself.
Track Name: You are
Did you walk away beyond the walls you paled to every day of your life?, wrong hills climbed with assurance that everything that happened to you should have been there, the ground you're running on is running out of air you see it's all about to rearrange, if what you have is what you'll always need you can learn and grow but what does it mean? It's not that we are bounded, it's hard to see the wave's that makes us what we are one way. Promises like wishes not always meant to really happen accidents are a part of it, one wish will learn the ways to hawk and cut through wall's. Its what you are and what you'll always be, you can learn a new language so communicate it's not that we are groundead it's hard to see, the wave's that makes us what we are, are one way... stay.
Track Name: Stormy end
Appears it’s a stormy end, and yet this is how it all begins with, when the voices start crawl into my head telling me to proceed to enhance my ways you said that I am like a fess when I've seen your freedom as dangerous grave, now I understand I was just a toy… a stage for ongoing experience with the world. So why do you look so sad and how could it be you have not even one friend, what would it be in the end, People they feel the shame, we see the things each as we see, can a saint tell me if its unharmony? when the need to succeed and rebuild is to achieve to achieve in a loose in the senseless fragile field, the view is clearer now and you're not far, you have the feelings and the abilities sure your reasons… they can change and blow with the wind. So why do you look so sad how could it be you have gone with your winding path and what would it be in the end? It’s the same place as we begin with. Raise... Dig... the tension in my house is burning me down and I try to ignore of what it is and what it means you're not anywhere near my sight you're just a painting in my mind.
Track Name: Sun
Dear now I understand that me means nothing without you at the end of a day… synched down with perfect combining of pride and shame, Counted emotions have always seemed to me as faked relieve that isn’t free… Though I know that somewhere is an answer that’s wearing me, Tears of desire… Roll it in the fire throw it in the sun Roll me in the fire throw me in the sun, Because I might have been waiting too long and now I found my hand and it's strong, Above it all there's nothing at all [Deep down in the ocean. She's wearing me over].